Virtual South Shore Science Festival 2021

For the safety of all, the South Shore Science Festival organization team decided to continue this year the South Shore Science Festival to everyone in a Virtual way, since we are driven by STEM, we will leverage avant-garde Technology to  bring the excitement of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math  to all our audience.

In this way we keep children and presenters safe, in a path back to our normal live, while still delivering the opportunity for children, teenagers and families to learn how much fun STEM is, in a virtual manner. By now, most of our audience is very use to it, including for most of our presenters, it was new for many last year, but for many of us and for some presenters, we have solid experience managing virtual teams and events for several years.

We must not let COVID-19 take away the experience of learning, and with virtual learning we will continue to reach our audience.

The format of the new festival will include (1) live broadcasted presentations / activities of 25 minutes each, plus (2) some pre-recorded activities that we will place in our YouTube channel for people to access during the festival and in the future.

We continue to use Zoom as the platform to conduct the South Shore Science Festival.

If you would like to attend and enjoy the festival register now at our website:

If you would like to join one of the panels in the future or as to host one of the trivia nights, please send us an email to to be considered for participation as panelist.


                  Manuel Barroso                               Kathy Hogan