Fun STEM Learning with SOLIDWORKS Apps for KIDS

Fun STEM Learning with SOLIDWORKS Apps for KIDS at South Shore Science Festival

Marie Planchard, Senior Director, Education and Early Engagement, Dassault Systemes

Parents, Teachers, and Kids!  Learn about SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids Creator  from Dassault  Systemes.  These free web based apps allow you to create shapes with digital clay with Shape-It apps, style your shapes with Style-it, and output 2D cubie prints to paper or 3D models to a 3D printer with Print-it.  Create simple mechanics and beautiful patterns with Mech-It.  SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids Classroom, for teachers and mentors, explores STEM projects and careers with fun learning exercises.  With help from our friends at BlocksCAD you can also introduce coding too.  Sign up for SOLIDWORKS Apps for Kids

Download the Preparation materials here:

Airplane and Hello Kittie
Color Cube Prints